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Nephrology is the medical specialty branch of internal medicine that deals with the study of kidney structure and function, both in health and in disease , including the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.

Many kidney diseases are treated simply with medication, such as diuretics , corticosteroids , immunosuppressants , antihypertensive ] and others. Treatment with erythropoietin and vitamin D is often required to replace these two hormones, the production of which is decreased in chronic kidney disease.

When the symptoms of kidney failure become too severe, renal replacement therapy is required. The technique of choice is kidney transplantation . This is carried out by the urologist , and in some cases by the general surgeon . However, the nephrologist is in charge of selecting the transplant recipient as well as monitoring and treating its complications (especially rejection and infections derived from immunosuppressive treatment ).

In cases where transplantation is not indicated or is not possible, there are other techniques, generically called renal dialysis . These include hemodialysis , hemofiltration , hemodiafiltration and peritoneal dialysis .